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  Lourdes Gouveia


Lourdes Gouveia is Associate Professor of Sociology and Director, Office of Latino/Latin American Studies (OLLAS) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She obtained her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Kansas. Since her arrival in Nebraska in1989 she has been studying and writing about the interrelation between the global restructuring of agriculture and eatpacking, the recruitment of Latino immigrant labor, and the implications of these changes for the future of Latinos, immigrants and new communities of settlement. She is currently completing a study, together with Miguel Carranza of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, commissioned by the Nebraska State Legislature on the Incorporation of Latino Immigrant Workers to Nebraska.

Among her most recent publications are a forthcoming chapter, “The Great Plains Migration: Mexicanos and Latinos in Nebraska,” in Victor Zúñiga and Rubén Hernandez-León (Eds.) New Destinations of Mexican Immigration in the United States: Community Formation, Local Responses and Inter-Group Relations; “From Alien to Neighbors. The Incorporation of Latino Families into the Rural Midwest” (published recently in Catholic Rural Life) and “Global Forces and Latino Population Growth in the Midwest: A Regional and Subregional Analysis,” written with Rogelio Saenz, Chair of Sociology, Texas A&M University and published in the latest issue of Great Plains Studies (1): Fall 200. Also of interest to some of you may be the study coauthored with Don Stull of the University of Kansas “Latino Immigrants, Meatpacking and Rural Communities: A Case Study of Lexington, Nebraska,” Research Report N0. 26 of the Julian Samora Institute at Michigan State University. The study has been widely used by governmental and non-governmental agencies in their work with communities experiencing significant growth in their Latino immigrant population. In addition to her academic work, Lourdes Gouveia has participated and participates in a number of community and Latino community advocacy organizations.

She is currently a Board member of the Nebraska Appleseed Center for Law in the Public Interest and of the Chicano Awareness Center and is consulted regularly by congressional staff and other governmental and non-governmental organizations on Latino and immigration issues. She also is interviewed regularly by the state, national and international media and her comments have appeared in the Washington Post, The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, La Jornada (Mexico) and the Omaha World Herald among others.

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