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  Peggy Levitt


PhD Urban Studies and Planning, 1996. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

Areas of Research
International Migration, Transnational Studies, Development, Sociology of Religion, Race and Ethnicity, Cultural Sociology, Organizations.

Academic Appointments
1998– Department of sociology—chair and associate professor. Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA.
1998– Weatherhead center for int’l affairs—research associate and director of transnational studies initiative, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
2001– Hauser center for nonprofit organizations, kennedy school of government— research fellow and director of transnational studies initiative, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
1995–1998 Department of sociology—assistant professor, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Awards, Fellowships and Honorary Positions Sabbatical Writing Grant—Ford Foundation, 2004–2005 Senior Fellowship—Center for the Study of World Religions, Divinity School, Harvard University, 2001–2002 Post-Doctoral Fellowship—Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion, Yale University, 2001–2002 Post-Doctoral Fellowship—Social Science Research Council, 1997.

Research Grants
Metanexus Foundation Research Program on Spiritual Capital, 2006-2008, $150,000 National Science Foundation Law and Society Program, 2004-2007, $450,000 Rockefeller Foundation Transnational Communities Program Research Grant, 2003–2006, $210,000 Ford Foundation Research Grant, Governance and Civil Society Program, 2003–2004, $110,000 Mellon Foundation Grant for Research on Forced Migration, 2002, $30,000 Ford Foundation Research Grant, Education, Sexuality and Religion Program, 1998–2005, $520,000 Spencer Foundation Research Grant, 1997, $20,000.

2007 God Needs No Passport: How Immigrants are Changing the American Religious Landscape. New York: The New Press.
2001 The Transnational Villagers. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. Awarded Honorable Mention from the International Migration Section of the American Sociological Association and Honorable Mention for the Best Book Award, New England Council on Latin American Studies.

Edited Collections
2007 The Transnational Studies Reader (with Sanjeev Khagram). London and New York: Routledge.
2003 Special Volume on Transnational Migration, International Migration Review. Co-editor with Josh De Wind and Steven Vertovec. Vol.37, No. 3, Fall 2003.
2002 The Changing Face of Home: The Transnational Lives of the Second Generation. Co-editor with Mary Waters. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

Selected Articles
Under review “Religion as a Path to Civic Engagement and Civically-Infused Religion”.
Racial and Ethnic Studies (Special Volume to be edited by Marco.
Martinelli and Jean-Michel LeFleur.
Revising “The Diffusion of Culture or the Culture of Diffusion.” (with Nadya Jaworsky) Theory and Society.
2006 “God Needs No Passport: How Immigrants are Changing American Religious Life” Harvard Divinity School Review. Fall 2006.
2005 “Building Bridges: What Migration Scholarship and Cultural Sociology Have to Say to Each other.” Poetics. Special Volume edited by Lyn Spillman and Marc Jacobs, 33(1): 49–62.
2004(a) “Transnational Perspectives on Migration: Conceptualizing Simultaneity” (with Nina Glick Schiller) International Migration Review 38(145): 595–629.
2004(b) “The Transnational Turn in Migration Studies” (with Ninna Nyberg Sorenson) Global Migration Perspectives No. 6, October 2004. Global Commission on Migration.
2004(c) “Transnational Migrants: When Home Means More Then One Country.” Migration Fundamentals. Migration Policy Group, Sept. 2004.
2004(d) “Salsa and Ketchup: Transnational Migrants Straddle Two Worlds” Contexts 3(2): 20–27.
2004(e) “Redefining the Boundaries of Belonging: The Institutional Character of Transnational Religious Life.” Sociology of Religion, 65(1):1–18.

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