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  Aleksandra Alund


Aleksandra Ålund is a professor at The Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society - REMESO - at Linköping University. She is Director of the REMESO Graduate School in Migration Economy and Society.

The sociology of migration with a focus on gender, youth and community studies is the scientific area within which most of her activity, research interest and productivity has been concentrated. The emergence of new ethnicities, social relations and cultural production, as well as issues of urban segregation, political marginalisation and social exclusion/inclusion, have been documented in a number of studies published in Swedish, English and other languages.

Presently she is directing three research projects with an international comparative perspective, focused on the following questions:
- Education, work and civic agency in the cultiethnic metropolis (to be completed 2009).
- Ethnicity, gender and social networks in informal recruitment strategies (2008-2010).
- The role of immigrant associations in combatting discrimination in their capacity as actors within the context of new forms of postnational governance.

Aleksandra Ålund received her education at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Umeå University and Uppsala University, Sweden. She got her PhD in sociology at Umeå university in 1978.

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