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  Branka Likic-Brboric


Branka Likic-Brboric has been a Guest Lecturer at REMESO, Institute for Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Linköping University since 2008. She is also a Research Fellow at the Department of Government, Uppsala University where she has been employed since 2007.

Reserach interests
Branka Likic-Brboric received her M. Phil. degree in General Economic Theory at Belgrade University and her Ph.D. in Economic History at Uppsala University in 2003.
Her main research interests include:
- The rise and development of post-Keynesianism.
- Globalization.
- Political economy of transition from socialist to market economies.
The focus of her studies has been a broad institutional analysis of socio-economic and political transformation in Central and Southeast Europe, in particular in the former Yugoslavia and its successor states.

Current projects
Within REMESO, Branka Likic-Brboric has been involved in the development of the sub-programme II ‘Ethic Divisions, Social Inclusion/Exclusion and the Reconstitution of Normative and Legal Frameworks’. This focuses on critical review of the global governance regime and the configuration of its normative base, in terms of discourses of global social justice and the ‘decent work’ agenda. Her special concern is the interplay between EU enlargement, new migration landscapes, informal economy and the concomitant reconfiguration of European social models.
In collaboration with Professor Li Bennich-Björkman at the Department of Government, Uppsala University, Branka Likic-Brboric is also involved in the project 'Citizens at Heart? Political Integration in Comparative Perspective', which is financed by the Swedish Research Council.

Teaching and Administration
Within the REMESO Graduate School in Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Branka Likic-Brboric is, together with Peo Hansen, responsible for the course ‘Theory and Politics of Migration’. Previously she has taught in the political economy of transition in Central and Eastern Europe, history of economic theory and development studies.
In addition, with Charles Woolfson, she is co-facilitator and course leader of the elective ‘Labour standards, migration regimes and the struggle for decent work in a global economy’.
Together with professor Charles Woolfson Likic-Brboric has responsibility for strategic and international development of the sub-programme II.

Recent Publications
C. Woolfson and B. Likic-Brboric, (2008) ‘Migrants and the unequal burdening of ‘toxic’ risk: Towards a new governance regime’, Debatte: Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe, Vol.16. No. 2 (forthcoming).
B. Likic-Brboric (2007) “Globalisation, EU Enlargement and New Migratory Landscapes: The Challenge of Informal Economy and Contingencies for ‘Decent Work’” in E. Berggren, B. Likic-Brboric, G. Toksöz and N. Trimikliniotis (eds) Irregular Migration, Informal Labour and Communit: A Challenge for Europe, Shaker Publishing, Maastricht.
E.Berggren, B. Likic-Brboric, G. Toksöz and N. Trimikliniotis (eds) (2007) Irregular Migration, Informal Labour and Community: A Challenge for Europe, Shaker Publishing, Maastricht.

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