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  Pau Serra del Pozo


Ph.D. in geography (University of Navarre, 1993). He enjoyed a postdoctoral scholarship in 1994 and 1995 granted by the Government of Navarre to do research on Geographical Information Systems at the University of Maryland (USA). He worked as a professor and as a researcher at the Universitat de Barcelona and at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona between 1996 and 1998. He is been professor of geography at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya since 1998. In 2005 he obtained his Spanish habilitation as profesor titular de universidad, university professor in the area of Human Geography. The same year he received the prize Rogeli Duocastella, awarded by the Foundation La Caixa and published in 2006 his awarded book “El comercio étnico en el distrito de Ciutat Vella de Barcelona” (pdf, 8 Mb, “The Ethnic Commerce in the Old Town District of Barcelona”). This book has enjoyed considerable media impact. He has published another book, “Usos del Suelo y Promoción Inmobiliaria en el Área metropolitana de Pamplona: 1957-1997” (“Land-use and Real Estate in the Metropolitan Area of Pamplona: 1957-1997?), as well as about 50 articles as book chapters, or articles in research journals and other periodicals. He made research and fieldwork in Kenya in 2003 on the agricultural intensification and the increase of population in the rural district of Machakos and published in 2005, along with other authors, the article “Changing systems and changing landscapes: measuring and interpreting land uses transformation in African drylands” in the Danish Journal of Geography.

He has been studying for several years the geographic distribution, the characteristics and the social, economic and urban impact of the immigrant entrepreneurs in the Barcelona’s metropolitan area and in other towns. He has published “Le commerce des immigrés à la ville historique de Barcelone” in the volumes of the conference of the 20th anniversary of MIGRINTER, Migrations Internationales (Université de Poitiers-CNRS). He has also been invited in other universities in Austria, in the United Kingdom and in France. He was invited professor at the Université de Poitiers between October and December of 2007 to do some research at the laboratory MIGRINTER on the influence of the geographic factors of concentration and dispersion in the spaces of ethnic businesses. In 2010 he participated in the creation of the municipal Immigration Observatory of Badalona (Spain).

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