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  Ihor G Markov


1985 – The Ivan Franko Lviv National University (then: The Ivan Franko State University), Faculty of History


2006 till today - Head of the Sector of Ethno-Social Research of the Institute of Ethnology, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Director of the Laboratory for Social Research in Lviv, project coordinator of the Study of migration processes (at the International Foundation Caritas Ukraine). 2010-2011 - head of the international survey "The Elaboration of the Policy Concepts of the Circular Ukrainian Migration to the EU in Cooperation with Experts and Analytical Centers in Ukraine and EU"

2008 – 2011 Coordinator of a comprehensive study of the Ukrainian labor migration in the EU and Russia conducted directly in 8 host countries of immigrants in 2006-2010

2006/08 - Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Self Reliance" and head of the research institution "Ukrainians of the World" at the International NGO "New Wave"

2003 - Senior Consultant of the National Institute of International Security at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (Kiev), Adviser of the Chairman of the Lviv regional state administration on political issues.

1999 - 2011- Director of the Laboratory for Social Research of the Centre for entrepreneurs (Lviv) that has taken a number of known research projects in the cases of sociological, political science studies.

1992-1999 - Head of Research Department, coordinator of the Political Science Center "Geneza" (“Genezis”), one of the first independent research institutions in the postcommunist Ukraine. The Centre’s objectives implied investigation of politics, policy and social relations in Ukraine by various directions (Sociology of Politics, Comparative Politics, Regional Policy, Geopolitics, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of economic and market relations), and done the analytical monitoring of the social processes in these directions. The editor of the research yearbook "Stavropigion." of the Political Science Center "Geneza", the member of the Editor Council of the historical, the sociological and the political science journal "Geneza". In 1999, for the financial reasons the "Genesis" Political Studies Center was forced to cease functioning in the above mentioned format. Subsequently, based on the "Genesis" PS Center the Social and Humanitarian Consortium "Genesis" was formed, that exists today.

1993-1995 - Fellow Researcher of the Department of Political Science at the Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1988-1993 - junior researcher of the Institute of Social and Political Movements of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1988-1993 - senior laborant of the Sociology Sector at the Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 1990 - Editor of the independent newspaper “Postup”("Progress"). 1987-1990 - Since the beginning of perestroika in the Soviet Union have participated in the creation of the first non-governmental organizations in Ukraine. Co-founder and member of the Council of Lion Society (Lviv), one of the first non-government organizations in the soviet Ukraine.

Initiator, organizer and participant of several international, Ukrainian and regional forums, presentations in the field of independent analysis in Ukraine, foreign policy and security, labour migration.

Internship: 1990, 1991 - Ukrainian Free University in Munich (twice) 1993 - Research Institute of Radio "Liberty" / "Free Europe", Munich 1993 - School of Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw 1996 - University of Connecticut (USA) 2006- according to the program of the Center for Democracy and Culture, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and Masarykovo University in Brno (Brno-Prague, Czech Republic)


- Cross-regional sociological study: "The State of Ukrainian society on the eve of election 1998-1999" (published in The "Genesis" PS Center "Stavropigion", 1997);

- Conducting national and interregional social research using quantitative and qualitative methods on the following themes: "Spiritual and religious orientation of modern Ukrainian Youth" (2000, 2007, "The attitude of elites of the two regions of Ukraine (Lviv and Donetsk regions) and the Lublin province of Poland to NATO’s moving to the east" (2001), "Peculiarities of the attitude to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church" (cross-regional poll Lviv-Kyiv-Donetsk (2001 .) "Religion and Politics: The Case of the 1999 presidential election" (2001);

- Conducting conferences and seminars on the problems of independent think tanks in Ukraine ("Analytical Map of Ukraine", 1994, "Geopolitical Vision of Ukraine", 1996, "Smart Vision of the City" 1997.) Labour Migration (Scientific and Practical Conference "Guest Working as Choice for the Future: problems of social and psychological adjustment of children whose parents are abroad" (2002, Lviv), "At the Crossroads: Where do Ukrainian migrant workers head" (2009, Kyiv) co-author of the idea and co-organizer of the International Security Forum (Kiev, April, 2010)

- heading of all-Ukrainian projects "Public monitoring of the financing of presidential elections in Ukraine in 2004 (expert analysis)", "Public monitoring of funding of elections to the Verkhovna Rada 2006 (expert analysis)"; - The project survey of the Ukrainian labor migration in seven EU countries and the Russian Federation (2006 - 2009)

- co-supervising of the "Public Campaign-making power on the priorities of conservation and development of historical and architectural environment of the city of Lviv" 2006-2007

- Consulting a number of analytical studies in the areas of party-political relations, political leadership, geopolitics, conducting electoral campaigns, advertising and marketing;

- Co-initiator and co-organizer of the International Security Forum in Lviv (April 2010)

A number of publications on the sociology of politics, sociology, religion, international politics, the political process in Ukraine, the processes of modern migration to the Ukrainian and international scientific and media publications.

Selected Publications:

Igor Markov. Proclamation of Independence of Ukraine in terms of historical perspective / / Genesis, 1991. - P. 91-100 Igor Markov. The presidency in the political system of Ukraine // RFE/RL Research Report. – Munchen, 1993.

Igor Markov. Some features of the Ukraine political space: an attempt of intercultural overview / / Stavropigion, Yearbook of political center "Genesis". - 1997. - P. 82-91 Igor Markov. Geopolitical vision of Ukraine / co-authored with Alexander Fils / / Stavropigion, Yearbook of political center "Genesis". - 1997. - P. 233-236, reprint:

Biuletyn’ Poludniowo-Wschodniego Instytutu Naukowego w Przemyslu. – Polska, Przemysl. – 1999 Igor Markov. Paradoxes de l’identite politique // La Nouvelle Alternative, septembre 1999. – P. 22-25 Igor Markov. Mediator geopolitical function of Ukraine and the ways for its implementation P. 245-257 / / in the book. Ukraine and Russia in international relations: a strategic perspective. Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, National Institute of International Security. - K., 2001. – 640 p. Igor Markov. The final analytical report on the results of research, including analysis of two-dimensional survey results P. 22-40 / / in the book. The social face of modern Ukrainian labor migration / / edited by I. Markov - Lviv, 2003. – 40 p. Igor Markov. Some aspects of migration policy of Ukraine P. 109-110 / / in the collection: Guest working as the choice for the future / / edited by I. Markov - Lviv, 2004. - 112 p.

Igor Markov. Social face of Ukrainian labor migrants (based on mass survey of Ukrainian workers in Italy, conducted by Western Ukrainian Center "Women's Perspectives") / / in the collection: Ukrainian labor migration in an enlarged Europe .- Kyiv, 2005, p.76-103 At the crossroads. Analytical research of the complex processes of Ukrainian labor migration (EU and Russian Federation). Edited by Igor Markov. - Lviv, 2009, 260 p. Igor Markov / / Modern Ukrainian labor migration in Europe: results of a comprehensive study of Ukrainian labor migration to the EU and Russia / / In the book.: Modern emigration: the social and national orphanage. Collection of articles and speeches of the Roundtable materials .- Lviv, 2010, p. 39-41 Igor Markow// Arbeitsmigration aus der Ukraine in die Europäische Union//

Ukrainian Labour Migration Processes in Russia: Social and Gender Aspects. Materials of a Comprehensive Sociological Study (In English and Russian Languages). The research group sector Ethno-Social Research Institute of Ethnology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Social Research Laboratory Center for entrepreneurs: Igor Markov, Oksana-Stetsyuk Ivankov, Gregory Seleshchuk, Svetlana Odynets, Maxim Bondarenko - Odessa, 2011

Ihor Markov//Ukraine in the Migration Processes// Report for the project “Borders and Migrations in Wider Europe” of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, 2011, -40 s.

Languages: Polish, Russian, English (spoken and written)

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