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  Sergio Dena Sifuentes


Professional Profile

General: Academic and professional experience in the field of human rights, humanitarian law (Geneva Convention), migrants issue, armed conflicts and United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in the field, especially in the areas of:
- Human Rights.
- Execution and implementation of peace agreements signed between the warring parties.
- Strengthening of peace.
- Reception and qualification of complaints to substantive human rights violations.
- Due process by the Administrators of Justice.
- Peaceful resolution of conflicts.
- International Humanitarian Law.

Professional Experience
I. Mexico City:
A) Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (General Coordination of National Employment Service) From September 2008 to current employment Main duties.
- Head of Department of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program Mexico-Canada (SAWP).
B)Independent Human Rights Consultant From November 2005 to June 2008.
II. Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A. From June 1996 to December 2003.
A) United Nations Verification Mission in Guatemala (MINUGUA).
- Civil and Political Human Rights Observer as well as Economic and Social Human Rights.
- Accompanying the UNHCR in the return of the Guatemalan refugee communities in Chiapas, Mexico, to their new settlement in the department of El Petén (San Francisco and La Esmeralda).
- Reception and qualification of substantive violations of human rights.
- Verification of due process before the different Justice Operators.
III. El Salvador, El Salvador, C.A. (Enero 1992-Marzo1996).
A) “Center for the Promotion of Human Rights Madeleine Lagadec”.
- Assistance in the field of human rights of rural communities in the departments of San Vicente and Usulután.
- Spreading of the Peace Process.
- Elaboration of economic reintegration programs for the demobilized communities from the armed conflict.
B) “Subcomission of the National Commission for the Consolidation of Peace (COPAZ)“.
- Adviser of the award process of land transfer.
- Designing and development of human rights projects and productive reintegration.
- Receive complaints of violations of human rights.
- Spreading of the peace process and agreements signed between the FMLN and the Salvadorian government.

International instruments of protection known:
- American Convention on Human Rights.
- Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
- International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its Additional Protocols.
- International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural.
- International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
- United Nations Charter.
- International Humanitarian Law (Geneva Convention).

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