Dewan Quedou

1. Technical Cadre in a para-statal organisation dealing with wastewater. President of Mauritius Trade Union Congress ( a national labour Centre). President of Federation of Democratic Labour Unions. President of "Le Conseil Des Syndicats" (set up by ILO). Responsible for Migrant Workers' Desk at MTUC. 2. Qualifications: B.A. Hons. in Geography from Punjab University; Dip. in Development Studies from University of Mauritius. 3. Workshops/ Training- (a) Attended a 5-day training at ARLAC, Harare, Zimbabwe on Migrant Workers. (b) Attended 2 international conferences in Geneva by GFMD. (c) participated in numerous seminars relating to labour, employment and migrant workers in Africa. 4. Marital Status: Married. 5.