Chanzo Greenidge

"Este problema del subdesarrollo colonial, como todos los grandes problemas de las relaciones entre los grupos y las naciones, se trata del triángulo del espacio, la epistemología, y de la estrategia" CHANZO OSEI GREENIDGE HBA (University of Toronto); CEP (Sciences Po, Lyon); M.Sc. (UWI); Ph.D. (UWI) Address: 1 Bryce Terrace, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago Website: E-mail: Tel: +1 868 628 0412; 473-6158 A. EDUCATION Ph.D. International Relations 2009 Institute of International Relations, The University of the West Indies Title: International Migration and Diaspora in a Changing Global Political Economy The thesis assesses the impact of migration and diaspora on international flows of information, talent, technology, commodities and money as well as the theoretical debates within International Relations and International Political Economy. I identify and explain the usefulness of plantation economies such as the Caribbean in analysing the impact of migration and diaspora on development and North-South relations, presenting critical realism as a less state-centric theoretical platform for practical action, research and strategic planning in a context of global aging, global production networks, transnational crime, postcolonial identity politics and advanced information and communications technology. This thesis was completed with the support of a UWI Postgraduate Scholarship and the support and permission of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Ottawa, Canada. M.Sc. International Relations 2001 Institute of International Relations, The University of the West Indies HBA International Relations (Summa Cum Laude) 2000 University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada Certificat d’Etudes Politiques 1999 Institut d’Études Politiques (IEP), Lyon, France B. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Academic Appointments: Visiting Lecturer 11/2008- 05/2009 College of International, Humanitarian and Development Studies (CIHDS), Miriam College Quezon City, Philippines. • As Researcher for the Department of Migration Studies (January-May 2009), assisted in development of student research proposals and co-taught graduate course on Migration and Development with Dr. Aurora Javate de Dios focussing on comparative studies of migration in Southeast Asia and China. • Designed and delivered blended learning course on Global Governance and Civil Society (4th year undergraduate), facilitating multimedia group projects on food security, environmental scarcity and conflict, gender and conflict, toxic waste and nuclear proliferation. Teaching strategies included group-based learning, multimedia presentations, peer-based mid-term evaluations. • Designed and offered evening classes in Afro-Brazilian self-defence and martial dance (Capoeira Angola) for staff and members of Miriam College Integrated Lifestyle and Wellness Center (ILAW Center) from January to May 2009. • Nominated for Teacher of the Year at the CIHDS by International Studies students. Instructor 11/2007-11/2008 Institute of International Relations, UWI St. Augustine St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago • Designed and delivered content for graduate students, including research advice and personal consultation, for INRL 5001: International History and Politics (Postgraduate Diploma, International Relations). This course is designed to familiarize postgraduate students with major international developments that have taken place in the world over the last century. • Collaborated with faculty in team-teaching two courses in the M.Sc. International Relations programme, including design of course materials, evaluation and consultation for INRL 6001: Theory and Methodology of International Relations; INRL 6006: Global Governance and Multilateralism. • Co-supervised M.Sc. Thesis on Globalization of the Audio-visual Sector by Sophia Persad • Participated in strategic planning exercises for the Institute, including restructuring of IIR Today and alumni relations strategy using social network analysis developed in doctoral thesis on diasporic networks. • Supported the promotion of student participation in World Social Forum activities (January 2009) and gave lectures/demonstrations on Brazilian culture and society at other UWI institutes (Institute for Gender and Development Studies/ Centre for Language Learning). • Designed and jointly-facilitated UN Global Compact simulation involving states, business advocacy groups, international NGOs, research/academic institutions and media on climate change and participated in the design of a follow-up simulation on energy/food security. Technical Consultancies: National Technical Assistant (Haiti/Trinidad and Tobago) 05/2011-06/2013 ACP Migration Brussels, Belgium • Co-ordinate short-term consultancies and capacity-development programmes on integration of migration theme into development planning and intra-ACP/ACP-EU relations for government and non-state actors in two of the twelve pilot countries in the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of states. Also facilitate information sharing among academia/civil society on international social dialogue on migration. • Interface with representatives of IOM, United Nations Agencies (esp. ILO), European Commission/EEAS, GFMD, ACP diplomatic representatives and regional agencies in integration of research and training activities with the aim of supporting ACP member states in better understanding and managing migratory flows, including development of presentations on diaspora policy and migration management aimed at promoting cooperation between researchers and policymakers. • Provide project management and technical support to Ministry of National Security, focal point on migration & development in Trinidad and Tobago and related ministries (Foreign Affairs, Planning and Sustainable Development, Labour and Small & Micro-Enterprise Development) in the design and implementation of institutional capacity development initiatives and policy frameworks. • Spearheaded development of institutional training and capacity-building priorities in collaboration with government and non-state actors, including short-term grant funding from European Union for NGO training programme (Haiti) and inaugural CSO Migration and Human Rights Week (Trinidad and Tobago). Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant (project-based) 04/2007-01/2010 Student Services Division, Min. of Education/TTASPE/UNICEF • Provided M&E instrument design and evaluative services, including introduction to qualitative approaches to monitoring and evaluation for Student Services Division, Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago with funding from UNICEF Trinidad and Tobago (November 2009-January 2010). • Assisted in institutional capacity development at the municipal and national administrative level at UNICEF/TTASPE Child-Friendly Community Development programme in Trinidad and Tobago and the GameOn! Programme in the wider Caribbean, including facilitation of an orientation programme on qualitative M&E for visiting physical education teachers from the southern Caribbean for Trinidad and Tobago Alliance for Sport and Physical Education (TTASPE) (April 2007-September 2008). National Researcher (Trinidad and Tobago) 01/2007-04/2007 International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Washington, D.C., United States of America • Designed and delivered short-term study involving identification of social factors and fieldwork in the revision of IOM’s Exploratory Assessment on Human Trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago. • Conducted interviews with NGOs, researchers, activists and community representatives on human trafficking, smuggling, bonded labour and related activities in the Caribbean and Latin America, identifying trafficking and smuggling networks from Europe, Asia, South and Central America and the Caribbean. • Completed a review in aid of influential IOM report on human trafficking in the Caribbean (2005/2008). This report contributed to the development of Trafficking in Persons (TIP) legislation in Trinidad and Tobago and remains the only publicly available source of information on human trafficking in the region. Partner Consultant (Culture) 10/2006-03/2007 Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Washington, D.C., United States of America • Contributed Culture Baseline Report as part of Social and Health Baseline report (December 2006 to March 2007) for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment on proposed ALCOA aluminum smelter in Chatham/Cap-de-Ville, Trinidad and Tobago. • As part of a team of five senior specialists, co-ordinated logistics for project team of three (3) research consultants conducting fieldwork centred on the collection of oral histories and community background information in South-western Trinidad. • Prepared reports on community history of contact with energy-based multinational corporations, cultural practices and traditional knowledge, migration patterns, and attitudes towards industrial development in light of a highly controversial ALCOA aluminum smelter proposal. Consultant (Cultural Industries) 02/2006-12/2006 NIHERST (Trinidad and Tobago)/NEXT Corporation (New Zealand) • Using research developed in my M.Sc. thesis on innovation, cultural industries, entrepreneurship and global competitiveness, I worked with industry leaders, engineers (Entrepreneurial Concepts Group) and management scholars in aid of NEXT Corporation’s consultancy for NIHERST Trinidad and Tobago Foresight Project: Creative Sector. • As part of a 4-person Cultural Industries team, developed interactive presentations to cultural industries and tourism focus groups to generate insights and ideas, and did qualitative and quantitative analyses in contributing to four phases of the project: Global sector foresight study (2006 to 2016), including analysis of key global trends such as markets, consumer tastes and technology. Sector Capability report (SWOT, key skill sets, entrepreneurial prospects for export-led growth, IP infrastructure and other enabling infrastructure) Best-bet niches in Trinidad & Tobago and development roadmaps (i.e. best bet niches within sector, destination by 2016, investment roadmap) Economic analysis of outcomes for global repositioning of national economy and brand identity • Developed 15-year road map for the steelpan performance and production sectors, and participated in consultations for other target sectors (Food and Beverage, Biotechnology and Niche/New manufacturing). Principal Researcher 02/2005-12/2005 PAN Americas Corporate Project, International Development Research Centre (IDRC/CRDI) Ottawa, Canada • As part of a research team working on innovative solutions in the area of Diasporas and technology transfer, responsible for the design of the study's methodology. Also conducted research missions, and managed input from private and public sector stakeholders in face-to-face and internet-based interviews in several Caribbean countries (Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago), Canada and the United States in production of IDRC/CRDI’s Regional Assessment of Caribbean Diaspora and ICT. • Responsible for primary and secondary data collection and analysis, including questionnaire design in the review of regional institutional capacities and international policy environments in terms of diaspora investments, social uses and impact of ICT, technological education and migration/brain drain. • Selected 4 of 6 ICT-based project proposals from selected countries including remote health training, diaspora tourism and cultural industries promotion, and disaster monitoring networks for further funding consideration by the IDRC/CRDI as part of its inaugural Workshop on Diaspora and Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Development in the Caribbean, August 22-23, 2005. • Developed additional reports and position papers based on the methodology, key findings and policy implications of the work and made presentations at the MIF/FOCAL Canada-Caribbean Diasporas and Development Conference Series (Toronto, May 2005) as well as stakeholder consultations in Canada, Guatemala and the Caribbean in Spanish, French and English. Social Engagement and Entrepreneurship: Founder BRAVO Language Services/ Instituto Palmeiras 06/2000- Present • Established BRAVO Translation Services in June 2000 to facilitate freelance translation and liaison interpretation. Developed strategic alliances with translation firms in Brazil and Europe while creating and managing an on-line based service (over 100 members) designed to promote collaboration between artists, activists and academics working in Afro-Latino and African diaspora communities worldwide. • As an Instructor/Researcher at Instituto Palmeiras (see here), managed three editions of the NOVO Capoeira Festival (November 13-20, 2006-2008) which featured film and performing arts presentations, and events and assisting in promotion of 1st Encontro Caribenho de Capoeira (July 1-6, 2013). • Established in launching Brazilian on-line humanities journal História, Educação e Memória in 2008 and developed Raisin’ in the Sun/‘Dreaming Fields’ project on sport, development and the African Diaspora. • Spearheaded ONSIDE Fair Trading initiative in Trinidad and Tobago which included briefs on child labour, intellectual property rights and human trafficking as well as a fair trade sporting goods initiative in collaboration with the Y Service Club of Ottawa (2004-2006). • Worked as Facilitator and Development Consultant with youth development and training consultancy The BARCAM on youth leadership training and community development projects, including the development of modules for the Ford Foundation-funded Participation, Leadership and Advocacy in Youth Development training institute (2006-2008). C. RESEARCH AND LANGUAGE COMPETENCIES Language skills: (1 – excellent; 5 – basic) Language Reading Speaking Writing English (mother tongue) 1 1 1 French (DALF C2) 1 1 1 Spanish 1 1 1 Portuguese 1 1 1 Russian 5 5 5 Mandarin Chinese 5 5 5 Japanese 5 5 5 Tagalog 5 3 5 Research and Project Management Skills (e.g. computer literacy etc.): • Project Cycle Management • Curriculum Planning and Alumni Strategy Planning, including stakeholder consultation, problem analysis and project evaluation • Professional and experiential training/facilitation • Methodological Design • Monitoring and Evaluation, including TOR and M&E design. D. PUBLICATIONS Articles Greenidge, Chanzo. 2012. “Football, Life and Labour in an Orwellian Global Economy” História, Educação e Tecnologias (HETEC) 1:1 Jan-Mar 2012 Greenidge, Chanzo. 2010. "Critical Diaspora and the Global South (with Commentary by Nanette Dungo)" International Studies Monograph Series, No. 5 Miriam College-International Studies Department College of International, Humanitarian and Development Studies Quezon City, Philippines. Greenidge, Chanzo O. 2005. Superioridad competitiva, empresariado y estrategias para el Caribe. Un estudio de caso de la industria de los tambores pailas en Trinidad y Tobago. Del Caribe 46: 58-69. [Competitive Advantage, Entrepreneurship and Strategy for the Caribbean] Chapters in an Edited Publication Chanzo Greenidge. 2014 (forthcoming) Brazil- Gingando between States, Markets and Diasporas. In Brazil on the World Stage: Culture, Politics, and Nationalism in the 21st Century, ed. Naomi Wood. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. Reis, Michele and Chanzo Greenidge. 2014 (forthcoming). Migración, diáspora y sociedad en Trinidad y Tobago. In Trinidad y Tobago en el siglo XXI, ed. Lancelot Cowie. Mexico City: UNAM. Greenidge, Chanzo. 2006. ICTs, Caribbean diaspora and knowledge mobility management- Networking the Caribbean Economy. In ICTs and the networked economy: Some approaches from the Caribbean, ed. Roderick Sanatan, 117-125. Cave Hill, Barbados: The University of the West Indies, Centre for International Services. Online Sources Greenidge, Chanzo. Diamond Minds: Oral Histories/Life Histories of Caribbean Migrants (1907-2007), , Feb. 2008 (11 June 2009). Reports Greenidge, Chanzo and Schiller Jean-Baptiste. 2005. Regional assessment of Caribbean diaspora and information and communications technologies. Ottawa: International Development Research Centre (80 pages). Greenidge, Chanzo. 2004. La economía diaspórica: Hacia la facilitación agresiva. Advisory Report prepared for FEDECACES, Federación de Asociaciones Cooperativas de Ahorro y Crédito de El Salvador de Responsabilidad Limitada (1250 words). Publications Reviewed Firmin, Andrew and Mark Nowottny. 2008. Putting Culture First: Commonwealth Perspectives on Culture and Development. London: Commonwealth Foundation. OTHER PROFESSIONAL AND SCHOLARLY ACTIVITY Professional Training Institution (date from – date to) Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained: International Training Centre-International Labour Organisation, Turin, Italy (03/2013; 05/2013) Certificate: Project Cycle Management; Migration in ACP Countries: Promoting Development and Enhancing Protection Diplo Foundation, University of Malta (05-08/2011) Certificate of Participation: Internet Governance/Advanced Intellectual Property Rights The Graduate Institute, Geneva (IHEID), University of Geneva, Switzerland (09/2005) Certificate of Participation: Workshop for Young Scholars from the Global South (WYSGS-I) UWI Institute for Gender and Development Studies, St. Augustine, Trinidad (05-07/2005) Certificate of Completion (Ethnography) Centro de Estudos Afro-Orientais, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil (07-08/2004) Certificate of Participation (Cultural Studies); Certificate of Completion (Methodology)- Fábrica de Ideias VII Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Martinique, France (06-07/2002) Certificat de Participation (Social Sciences), Université Européenne d’Été Guest/Specialist Presentations (selected) Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development Population Policy and Action Planning Workshop, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (Migration, Population and Development), April 2013. ACP Observatory on Migration National Workshop on Data Collection and Management, Ministry of National Security, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (Diaspora Policy and Migration Management), May 2012. Bagwell College of Education, Kennesaw State University, Georgia, USA (Caribbean International Relations/Politics), May 2010. Caribbean Development Bank 18th Special Discussion Forum, 13 November, 2008 (Diaspora, Brain Drain and Caribbean Development), Caribbean Development Bank, Wildley, Barbados, November 2008 Caribbean Development Bank Forum on Culture and Development Cooperation, BANDES, Caracas, Venezuela (Cultural Industries and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean), May 2007. Arts and Creative Enterprise Management Programme, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago (Music Industries and Intellectual Property), May 2004/May 2006. Academic/Professional Conferences (selected) “ICT, Diaspora and Knowledge Mobility Management: Networking the Caribbean Diaspora“ International Conference on Science and Technology for Economic Diversification (INSCITED), NIHERST, June 6-7, 2013 (forthcoming). Women and Gender Institute, Miriam College, Quezon City, Philippines: 3rd Summer Institute on Migration (Migration and Diaspora Theory), May 2009. “Consuming Capoeira: The Politics of Resistance Movement” Conference on African and Afro-Caribbean Performance, September 26-28, 2008, University of California, Berkeley, USA. “International Migration and Diaspora: Impact and Implications for the Caribbean and the Global South” Workshop for Young Scholars from the Global South (WYSGS-1), 10-15 November 2005, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland “Aggressive Facilitation: Towards a Framework for intervention in the Diasporic Economy” Workshop on Hemispheric Integration and Transnationalism in the Americas, 16-17 February, 2004, Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL), Guatemala City, Guatemala, February 2004. “Hyperdiaspora: Theorising Diaspora between Reconstructive Postmodernism and Global Relations”, Crossing Borders Conference, 20 June 2003, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada. MEMBERSHIPS • Alliance for Advanced Research and Development Initiatives (AARDI) • Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) • Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism (CCMET) • Centro Esportivo Virtual (CEV) • International Studies Association (ISA) • International Network on Migration and Development (RIMD) • Latin American Studies Association (LASA)